Brunch (Available Saturday Only: 10:00-16:00)


163 Breakfast: sausage, bacon, tomato, beans, fried egg, fried bread, mushroom, hash brown
Veggie 163 Breakfast: tomato, mushroom, beans, fried egg, fried bread, hash brown
Eggs on toast (Add bacon £1.00, smoked salmon £2.50)
French toast, crispy bacon, maple syrup
Avocado, red pepper, tarragon, poached eggs on homemade toast
Eggs Benedict (Smoked ham)
Eggs Royale (Smoked salmon)
Chorizo, tomato and potato hash, fried egg


Bar 163
163 High Street, Egham
TW20 9HP
Tel: 01784 432344

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00am to 11.00pm.
Currently closed Sundays and Mondays and Tuesdays