163 High St
TW20 9HP
01784 432344


Egham Breakfast Menu

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 All week breakfast menu at 163 Egham

Served from 8.00am-midday (from 10.00am on Sunday)

163 breakfast (Roasted tomatoes, bacon, sausage, 

fried egg, baked beans, fried bread) £7.50

Scrambled eggs on toast £5.00

Scrambled eggs on toast with smoked salmon £6.90

Bacon and eggs with fried bread £5.75

Poached eggs on toast. £5.50

French toast with crispy bacon & maple syrup   £6.00 

Bacon sandwich £4.00 

Sausage sandwich £4.50

Egg Benedict £6.25

Croque Monsieur £5.95

(ham and cheese toasted sandwich with béchamel)

Croque Madame £6.50

(Croque Monsieur with an egg)

Selection of pastries £1.50 each


Bloody Mary £6.50    Bucks Fizz  £5.95

Freshly squeezed juice £3.50: Lemon pressé or fresh orange

Fresh coffee to go